Admission Procedure

1- Admission to the children from 1st to XII classes is usually done in march/April for the following academic year. Parents, who wish to admit their children in any of the classes according to the standard of the student, must obtain a registration form from the school office on the days declared on the notice board.

2- The registration form fully filled in and accompanied by the birth certificate should be presented to the office in order to be called for interview.

3- The parent and the child will be interviewed before a child is selected for admission on a date and time to be intimated at the time of registration.

4- Student coming from another school must bring his/her transfer certificate and the original report card at the time of admission. However all such students will be put to written and oral test to see suitability to a particular class. The Principal has the right to say on what conditions he will retain a pupil in the class.

5- The parents/guardians are requested and advised to pay the tuition and other fees by the due date. Any further charges made or increased by the school from time to time will also be binding on them.