About School

In the beginning days we started with 40-50 students, than the strength raised to 100-150 and now in this session of 2012-2013 the strength has reached to 750 and institution has always given 100% result. Beside education we provide Sports, Physical and Computer education and from time to time through awareness rallies and drama/plays we convey the messages to the people for their and social benefits. Every year through the hard work of the teachers and the student’s grand annual functions and sports meets are organized. In annual functions through speeches, plays, songs and other programs the residuals are been conveyed the different types of messages related to different types of social evils etc. Sometimes due to the unawareness of the parents we face lots of financial problems which occur due to their non depositing of fees in time. It is because of the backwardness of the people. These financial problems are being solved by the self efforts of the members of the school management committee.

In the institution students belonging to all castes and creeds take education without any discrimination. They enjoy with full universal brotherhood. In the school campus all the students get the environment of brotherhood and unity. In this institution students get education up to class XII. In the year 2005 the society arranged two acres of land to construct this institution on the Powayan road. Since then this institution is progressing in both academic and C.C.A.

The school management committee is further planning to provide the people of Banda hostel facility and job-oriented education so that the weak students must get the proper education; they are also planning to provide scholarship to the financially weak students and to girl child.